"It's been a long road and I love the feeling that my music gives to others. Now, it's my time to shine. I'm coming full circle.


LéChris Williams is an eclectic R&B artist, singer, songwriter, producer and dancer.


He's 1/2 of French Name Problems, a hybrid R&B duo with talented singer, songwriter and producer, Jan Tolu.

Their music is a blend of contemporary R&B that fuses rhythm and blues, trap, rap, hip-hop, funk and electronic music -- all of which influence his hybrid sound.


LéChris' strong song writing and producing skills led him to complete his first single titled “Explain it” in 2018.

The Chicago born artist diligently pushes himself and his perseverance reflects his music as he continues to grow.

His new EP 'Full Circle' is set to debut in 2020 alongside a new album by French Name Problems.